Unit 1, 41 Cartwright Drive, Forrestdale WA 6112

Quality cabinets and furniture can benefit your home in many different rooms and areas. Kitchens, bedrooms, laundry rooms, bathroom, garages, anywhere! Because our cabinets are built just for you, we can ensure you will receive a design that is coherent for a single room, or across your whole house. Save yourself the time and energy needed to search through various shops and let us help you build furniture that’s directly in line with your vision.

All our designs are custom made for every individual who comes to us. We can design for any shape, style, or purpose. We can take several aspects of your life into account and create the storage space and furniture necessary to accommodate your unique needs. When you tell us exactly what you need, you can trust that we will deliver an ideal and high- quality piece of craftsmanship in return.

We create it all, here at Master Class Cabinets WA. We have home and office furniture to suit every style, purpose, and budget, created by true masters of their craft. 

Contact Stuart or Rod Mills for further information:

Stuart.mills@mccwa.com.au or mobile 0433 445 461

Rod.mills@mccwa.com.au or mobile 0400 300 572

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