Consumer advice: CMAWA Inspection Service

On average, one consumer contacts the CMAWA each week with an issue they are encountering with cabinetry installation.

It might be a question on the standard of workmanship, quality of product and/or installation or just a query on their rights under the HBC Act. It is reassuring for the CMAWA to learn that the majority of such consumer calls involve a non CMAWA member.

Often the matter can be resolved promptly without the need for a CMAWA Inspection. However, if an Inspection is requested by a consumer, the CMAWA can assist on a fee for service basis. Our Inspections are completely independent and based on the CMAWA standards that comply with the Australian Standards but tailored to the WA market. The CMAWA Inspectors inspect what they see and in an impartial manner to interpret their findings in line with these Standards coupled with their industry experience.

Following the Inspection, the client is provided with a comprehensive written Inspection Report which can invariably act as evidence should the matter proceed to a tribunal case for benefit of the consumer.

One of the benefits of membership to the CMAWA is a free dispute resolution and Inspection service when our involvement is requested by a member. Should a client of a CMAWA member contact us directly, then this service in not free for the client but charged according to our agreed service rate.

The CMAWA is a supportive mechanism to help guide consumers through what is often a difficult and unsettling process.


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